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At 9:10am on March 27, 2015, Rony Mattar said…

Hello Scott,

Thanks for joining me in, I liked the idea of a community where we share experiences, I'm a web developer and can help with WordPress or any other technical stuff, in return, I want to build my online business but I don't have that business mind, I tried twice to build startup companies, but war in Lebanon ruined my efforts so did for many families, but the online business is not influenced with the war in my country.

Looking forward to being part of this community :)


At 7:58am on March 16, 2015, Bryan Wheeler said…

Thanks Scott, looking forward to being part of your community.

At 5:51am on March 16, 2015, Olly said…

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the introduction.

I'm knuckling down and will make sure I participate and provide as much value as I can to the community



At 2:50pm on March 5, 2015, tony m. sanders said…

Just  filed for incorporation and still reading click millionaires. Can't wait to get moving on a long held dream of owning  a business. As a new entrepreneur There's no doubt there is  a lot to lean and hope   everyone will  be patient with me. As a new member  will probably make mistakes and  will have a lot to learn.

At 10:02am on February 15, 2015, David Nygord said…

ty  scott for yor friend add. I was really inspired by listening to your click millionaires book. I am looking forward to working with you as i search for the the type of site i want to build. I have alot of ideas and am researching some of them...ty again...dave

At 6:23pm on February 8, 2015, Citizen Blaine said…

Dear Scott,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I have read your 'Click Millionaires' book; it inspired me to build a website for my Comedy Writing, Humorous Speaking, and Master of Ceremonies services...

But I had a pile of problems with WordPress. And SBI! (as you suggest on your site) has not helped much. I am being polite (expletives deleted).

I went to school on a bus, but it wasn't a short bus. I thought I was smart enough to figure this stuff-out. They don't teach this at Business School.

Perhaps I've missed it, but could you please direct me to a page where there are links to your many successful members' websites who are using SBI! and/or WordPress?

I think that I need something to model. Thank you.

Best regards,

Citizen Blaine

"I feel better than I look!"

p.s. Photo coming soon (Mr. Avedon has left the building!)

At 2:09am on February 6, 2015, Arcee said…

Thanks so much for connecting Scott. Your book was really a gem.. Hoping to learn more from you.. :)

At 7:43am on January 25, 2015, Dave Mayer said…

Thanks for pointing out the primary navigation items I need to use. Lots here. You must have read my mind on "Where do I start?" !

At 7:34pm on January 24, 2015, suradej eksupapan said…
Hi Scott
I bought a book Click Millionaires and still reading it not finished yet.Hope to share with you soon.
At 8:53am on January 24, 2015, Patti Mendenhall said…

Hi Scott,

Thanks for redirecting me. I so appreciate the frequent communication. It reminds me to prioritize my time around continuing to learn and really helps me to feel supported and validated to move in the direction of making my dream of working from home come true.


Patti Mendenhall

At 8:44am on December 18, 2014, Frank Marchant said…

Truly enjoying the audio version of "Click Millionaires"

Thank you 

Frank Marchant

At 8:26pm on November 18, 2014, Ed DeRousse said…

Haven't seen you in awhile, Scott, but I'm back and I believe I'm a little more clear on my project now. I'm really looking forward to working with you guys again. Ed

At 5:32pm on October 18, 2014, soe may said…

Hi Scott,

Thanks for adding me in friend list. I am still reading the Click Millionaire and doing the exercises. Will participate in the forum sooner. C ya !!!

At 10:53pm on September 22, 2014, steven bolger said…

Hello Scott,

I have to say that everything that I've seen that's generated from you appears to be 100% genuine and the real article.  I wish I would have been posting here a lot earlier but had technical difficulty with getting into this site and the forum.  Nonetheless, I sure am glad to be here now and finally write to you.

 I was very equally impressed with both your book Click Millionaires as well as the couple of videos and podcasts I have happened to see over time.  I really want to be able to live the click millionaire lifestyle and you make a person believe that they actually can with your constantly positive message of encouragement.

I'm sorry if this was a bit long-winded but I just want to say that I appreciate what you do and would be grateful for any help you could provide for me at this early stage.  I would particularly appreciate your guidance with suggestions and advice in helping me to monetize my passion, which is musical entertainment.  IThank you very much for your time.

Steve Bolger

At 9:51pm on September 15, 2014, Vladislav Leonov said…
Hello and thank you! I will definitely need some help from the experts on this forum. Having read so many books the action part still seems a little bit overwhelming.
At 7:24am on August 13, 2014, Jim Krenz said…

Thanks Scott! I've added a greeting to the new arrivals lounge.

At 5:29pm on July 15, 2014, Laura Bunata gave Scott Fox a gift
At 10:13pm on July 4, 2014, Derek Bullard said…

Thank you very much Scott. I look forward to discovering the forums and hopefully participating in the great discussions. Keep up the great work, It is obvious to see that you have created a nice and easy to use platform to share ideas and help one other.  

At 5:58am on June 29, 2014, Martin Hughes said…
Thank you Scott for inviting me into your world. I am very excited in learning from you, and bringing your valuable lessons into my business and the UK.
At 8:25am on June 16, 2014, John Hyland said…

Thanks Scott for the welcome. Looking forward to learning and contributing

on the forum. I am Looking at your website at the moment for tips and  I have to say it is full of great information.

Take care talk soon.


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