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Ready to jump-start your progress to Click Millionaires success?

It's time again for the October Challenge!

You have a long to-do list, right?  You have LOTS of ideas and tasks ahead of you on the road to Click Millionaire success.

So how about turning one of your lagging "to dos" into a mini-success story of your own this fall?

Joining the "October Challenge" will help you do exactly that.

What is a project you have been putting off?

What impact can you make if you slowed down to focus on ONE project for a few weeks?

What can you start now and get launched for sale by October 31?

It's time to pick something and commit publicly to making it happen.  We are all here to encourage and support you.


Here are the easy 2013 October Challenge Rules:

* Choose 1 project that has been on your list for a while to build from scratch starting now.

* Get it up and running in September so you can make 1 sale (or other goal you designate) by October 31.

* Spend no more than $1000.

Start a new discussion in the Forum to explain your OC goals so we can support you with advice and suggestions (and accountability!)

* Help support others with their projects here in the Forum along the way.


Ready to publicly commit to completing one of your key new projects on a this time line and budget?

Please comment below and post a new discussion in the Forum that details your personal October Challenge goals.

(Just visit the Forum and click on the button in the upper right that says "+Add" to start your own new topic.  Preface your subject line with "OC:" so we can help you stay on top of it!)

Let us all know what you're going to tackle so we can encourage and support you.

Who's with us?

On your mark, get set, GO!




p.s. We'll be talking about the October Challenge during our next public Video Office Hours on Wednesday, September 18 and October 16 at 530pm ET (230pmPT/1030pmUK). 

Won't you join us to share your OC and hear about others', too?

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