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How big? Exhaustive Social Media Sizes Infographic

Pretty pictures are one of the best ways to attract attention in social media.

But keeping track of recommended image sizes can be a pain.

Every social channel seems to have DIFFERENT standard sizes for its images, ads,profile photos, headers, avatars, covers, and icons. Plus, they keep changing them!

To the rescue is this very handy (and very detailed) "Social Media Design Blueprint" infographic. It shows the proper current dimensions for the most important images on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social outlets online.


Social Media Design Dimensions - An infographic by the team at Social Media Design Dimensions


[You can download a PDF copy here of this helpful guide to social media image design specifications, too.  Thanks to member, Sheila, for sharing this with us!]


That's quite a list, right? Is this helpful to you?

Have you kept your various social media profiles and pages up to date with all of these display sizes?



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