Email Marketing $19/Month!

Many of you are already happily using the Easy Graphics Maker online image generator that I launched this summer.

Now, would you like to make some money by becoming an affiliate?

The key to making money in affiliate marketing is to find other peoples' products that lots of people you know need, and then offer them at a good price online.


I'd like to introduce you to the new affiliate program for Easy Graphics Maker.

If you join up, you can make $20+ cash for every referral you make.  That's a generous 65% commission rate from the $39 purchase price!

Learn more about the Easy Graphics Maker affiliate program here:


Here's why this is a great opportunity for you:

Getting more sales online is a goal that EVERYBODY with a website shares online. 

But creating high quality web graphics can get expensive fast. 

If you want professional-looking headlines, sales images, testimonials, guarantees, etc. you need to invest in an (expensive) copy of Photoshop, or to hire a designer, and often both!

“Easy Graphics Maker” to the rescue!

Instead of all that expense, Easy Graphics Maker helps solve these problems with a super-easy to use online image creation and editing tool that anyone can use to create better-looking and more profitable websites.

And now you can profit by marketing this break-through online graphics creator to your audience, too. 

Learn how to become an affiliate here:


What is Easy Graphics Maker?

Easy Graphics Maker is a browser-based online image creation and editing tool.  It’s the easiest to use and cheapest alternative to Photoshop that I've ever seen.  

By just pointing and clicking in your web browser, you can quickly create:

  • professional looking headlines
  • bullet lists
  • guarantees boxes
  • testimonials
  • and more!

Plus, you can invite your customers to try the fully-featured online demo yourself for free before buying!

Try it yourself and I’m sure you’ll quickly see how this valuable tool can help your audience increase their sales online like it’s increased mine.

Becoming an Affiliate is Easy
If you'd like to make $20+ for every sale you refer, visit this page for info on joining our affiliate program:  

The program is administered by ClickBank, an industry-leading affiliate company that's paid out over $1 Billion in affiliate commissions in recent years.

Great (Free) Promotional Tools & Banners Make Promotions Easy, too.

We also have a bunch of free sales tools to make your promotion of Easy Graphics Maker as easy as possible. 

These easy-to-use sales tools include 10 different sharp-looking banner ads, pre-written sales emails, text links, logos, and more.  You can use it all to help promote your sales online!

Even if you're new to affiliate marketing, we're doing our best to make it easy for you to profit online by promoting this great graphics tool just like I do.

Learn more here today:  


Join this new affiliate program today to make yourself some money!

Thanks for your time and attention, 



p.s.  If you'd like to just buy this great Easy Graphics Maker service for yourself, check it out here: (Or you can get it for free if you upgrade to the Click Millionaires MasterMinds Forum, too!)

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