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How about Inviting Your Friends? (and winning prizes!)

New Contest: Have you been enjoying yourself here at Click Millionaires?

I sure hope so and I appreciate you being part of our rapidly growing lifestyle business design community.

How about Inviting Some of your Friends?  (and winning prizes!)

I don't mean inviting everyone you know.  We only want friendly, smart people who are motivated to upgrade their lives through clever deployment of lifestyle business strategies online.

Who are just 2 or 3 special people you think could benefit from membership at

The New "Refer a Friend" Contest
To encourage the growth of our community, we're always looking for more friendly, smart, motivated members.

I'm guessing you know a few special people like that who could benefit from membership at, too.

If you're a registered member then you can see the INVITE YOUR FRIENDS link under the Members tab on the menu bar at the top of the website.

Please use the Invite Your Friends tool to invite your best friends to join us, too.  You can easily enter email addresses, import contacts from your address book, and easily find your friends on Facebook or LinkedIn to invite them, too.

Invite them and ask them to be sure to enter your name as the person who referred them when they sign up.  If they do, you'll get entered into special contest and become eligible for great prizes!

What You Could Win for Referring Friends!
For each new approved member who enters your name in the "referred by" question on their member profile each month, you'll get this:

And yes, you can invite more new friends each month to win more prizes, too.

We'd appreciate your help finding new members and these prizes are my way of saying "thank you" for sharing news of the free Click Millionaires service with those you trust.

Get started INVITING your friends here right now:

Questions or suggestions on how we can recruit new members?

Thanks for your time and your invitations!



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