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DIY Lifestyle Business Resources (Mostly Free)

To learn by doing, keep your costs down, and develop market niches that interest you while also helping other people are all parts of building profitable lifestyle businesses according to our Click Millionaires philosophy.

I've built many popular websites using this cost-effective DIY approach and I hope it can help you, too.

I've even started several (mostly) free online services that I recommend to you, too, because they can help you build your own Click Millionaire lifestyle business more cost-effectively:

Writing guest posts for other peoples' blogs can get you valuable publicity and SEO backlinks.  OR, if you're tired of writing all your own content, you might be looking for guest posts to post on your own site. If that sounds familiar, then is a free guest posting service you'll find very useful.  The free daily email list there lets bloggers and website owners ask for guest posts.  Then the freelance writers and marketers who subscribe to the free email list can respond to those requests to get their guest posts published online - all free!

See the latest free guest post opportunities list here.

Getting booked for interviews on radio and podcasts can be a very cost-effective way to market your website business through free on-the-air publicity. is a free daily email that posts requests for interview guests from radio producers and podcast hosts.  They're looking for topics and experts and authors of all kinds, and the emails are free, so visit the site and sign up if you'd like to get radio interviews.  (Plus, the site sells great training for how to get on radio shows if you are looking for interviews and publicity.)

See the latest radio interview guest requests here.

The free product reviewer matching service at can help you if you are looking to get free products to review on your blog.  Or if you are you a marketer or product rep looking for online reviews to promote your new site, book, or products online.

See the latest requests from blogs looking for products to review.

Submit your request for free products to review here.

See the latest free products being offered for review.

Submit your own product to get reviews and comments online.

Also, looking for product donations for your fundraiser gift bags?  Try

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to raise venture capital or angel money for your startup, your Business Plan is critical. 

Get professional Business Plan or Investor Presentation help from an experienced former CEO, banker, lawyer, author to help improve it beyond the typical business plan template.  Friendly review of your writing, strategy, and even grammar can help increase your chances of a successful financing.  Get your business plan reviewed here at far less than normal lawyer...

Small tech projects can be a real distraction when you're running your own websites.  Finding just the right person for a quick Wordpress question, a logo design, transcription of an MP3, problems with plug-ins or Photoshop, or fixing some broken javascript are all jobs too small to recruit a techie or designer on Elance or even Craigslist. 

Instead you can post your requests for quick tech help "gigs" on

(Plus, if you're a freelance tech, designer, developer, or virtual assistant, you can subscribe to the free email list to get emails when people are look... like yours.)

If your website isn't delivering the sales you want, you probably need an expert to give you objective, helpful, expert website redesign and usability advice.  Save big $$$ compared to expensive usability consultants by signing up for a quick 20 minute personalized video review of your website at  The detailed, customized website review video advice you'll get can help you increase your sales conversion, grow your visitor traffic and email list, and make more money online.

Making your website look cool is tough and expensive.  But if you don't have professional-looking sales graphics on your site, nobody will buy anything!  If you don't want to invest time (and a lot of money) in Photoshop or hiring a designer, try  This low-cost browser-based service can help you create the killer sales graphics, testimonials, bullet points, headlines, and guarantee seals you need to dress up your websites for better sales.  Plus, Easy Graphics Maker is super easy to use - just point and click and type - no design skills needed to create great looking sales graphics.

If you'd like to get publicity interviews you can submit your profile as a "Guest Expert" on this directory of interview guests.  It's an easy to use resource for guests designed to help radio hosts, podcast producers, TV casting directors, bloggers, newspaper reporters, and magazine journalists find just the right expert sources to interview for their next show or article.  It's much more affordable than similar services and can help anyone establish their expert credibility (and get an SEO boost from its links, too.)  More details about advertising as a Guest Expert are here.


MasterMinds Forum:

And, of course, there's our own lifestyle business entrepreneur coaching MasterMinds group.  This private forum is a smaller, more personal version of the free forum you're enjoying right now.

Scott Fox is there working closely with the members to help coach them toward lifestyle business success.  Services include forum posting, private Google+ Hangouts with Scott, free Website Tune-Up Community Clinics (including free video site reviews from Scott), and much more.  

Going strong since 2009, the MasterMinds Forum may be what you need to get your Internet lifestyle business startup dreams moving forward.  Learn more about why upgrading your membership is a good idea here.

I hope that these websites are useful to you in building your own Internet lifestyle business success story, too!


Want more friendly help? Let Scott Fox help you build your own “Click Millionaire” Internet business!

This Forum has closed. But take a FREE TRIAL of the MasterMinds Coaching Forum here and you can work directly with Scott Fox for personal lifestyle business startup help!  (Read any of Scott’s books?  Get an even BETTER membership deal here now!


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Comment by Loh Poh Onn on November 15, 2013 at 6:56am
Wow Mr Scott, this is a very good rundown of how we can all benefit from platform. I had been following tips & practicing at home. They all work just as well and I am proud to be part of this friendly community. Big Cheers to you Mr Scott!
Comment by Scott Fox on November 15, 2013 at 9:59am

Thanks, Paul.

Good to see you. 

These are all sites I designed to be helpful to online entrepreneurs like us, so I hope that they are helpful to you, too.

Comment by Sergio on November 16, 2013 at 6:11am

Really helpful those sites/services I will visit them and use it.

Thanks Scott,



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