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"Community Cash" forum profit-sharing for Members like You!

Together we’re building something important here in the Forum and I appreciate your help.

How much? 

So much that starting now I’m giving HALF of our ad banner profits to YOU through our new “Community Cash” program.

Now You can Get Paid for your…


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Holiday Google+ Hangout Video Office Hours - December 11

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 11 for our next Video Office Hours at 530pm ET (230pmPT/1030pmUK).

We'll be webcasting LIVE for Video Office Hours using Google+ “Hangouts on Air” group video calling.

If you're a G+ user and have a webcam, you can join me live on camera to…


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Holiday Buy-One-Get-One-Free BONUS Offer:

Christmas gifts offer you a chance to help friends improve their lives.

But what to give that’s both affordable and thoughtful…?

Holiday Buy-One-Get-One-Free BONUS Offer

To make your holiday gift shopping easier here's a special BOGO offer:  Buy…


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Free WAH Entrepreneurs Holiday Interview Series

You're invited to "The 12 Days of Christmas Great Holiday Networking Extravaganza",  an inspiring series of free interviews with successful online entrepreneurs.

This free holiday podcast interview series offers you an opportunity to learn from top entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and small businesses who share tips for success and secrets to how to…


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How big? Exhaustive Social Media Sizes Infographic

Pretty pictures are one of the best ways to attract attention in social media.

But keeping track of recommended image sizes can be a pain.

Every social channel seems to have DIFFERENT standard sizes for its images, ads,profile photos, headers, avatars, covers, and icons. Plus, they keep changing them!

To the rescue is this very handy (and very detailed)…


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SEO video review of E-commerce Jewellery Site

New SEO website review video of search engine optimization recommendations for an e-commerce jewellery site.

MasterMinds member Vanessa got this SEO video review of her Mediterranean-inspired jewelry site for free as part of her…


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Fine Art Clothing Designs Website Review Video

Custom website design review video from for Candiss Cole Designs.

Watch the video for expert web design consultant Scott Fox's advice on redesign, usability, product presentation, email list-building, and e-commerce…


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DIY Lifestyle Business Resources (Mostly Free)

To learn by doing, keep your costs down, and develop market niches that interest you while also helping other people are all parts of building profitable lifestyle businesses according to our Click Millionaires philosophy.

I've built many popular websites using this cost-effective DIY approach and I hope it can help you, too.

I've even started several (mostly) free…


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Free Stuff for International Members, too.

"dear scott – thanks for the offer of a free book for new MasterMinds members but I already have all 3 of your books!  You want to include readers like me in this upgrade special, too, don’t you?"

-          Jacinto, Leeds, UK

Well said, Jacinto.  Sorry! 

I didn’t mean to leave our…


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Too many choices hurting sales? (Site Review Video)

Too many choices may be slowing the sales of this e-commerce website. What do you think?

Check out this website design review video for recommendations on improving the sales conversion, usability, and email list building of, which sells hand-made earring holders.



This …


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1st ever LIVE “Hangout on Air” on Wednesday - RSVP please?

This Wednesday, 11/13, we’re going to be experimenting together with Google+ Hangouts on Air. 

This exciting new webcasting technology will bring a new format to our popular Video Office Hours webcast coaching sessions

It will allow all of us (at least all of us with Google+ accounts and…


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shhh.... Want a free copy of one of my books?

Oops! Would you like a FREE copy of Internet Riches, e-Riches 2.0, or Click Millionaires - your choice?

One of my assistants just found a stack of promotional copies of my books in the closet. 

These best-selling books aren’t doing any good sitting here and we’re not supposed to sell these copies, so what to do...?

How about this: 

I’ll give you a FREE BOOK if you …


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Video Office Hours October Challenge Replay

Video Office Hours last week was informative and fun for anyone interested in building their own lifestyle business on the Internet.

I enjoyed chatting with many of you, answering questions from the Chat Room and our lifestyle business coaching Forum, and sharing updates on the many exciting member…


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Need Some Quick Tech Help with That? (New Free Service Announcement!)

Want some help with those distracting odd jobs and little tech tasks you’ve been putting off?

Your life as an online entrepreneur can be consumed by small, techie jobs that keep you from getting more important things done.

You know, distracting little tech an design projects…


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How to redesign this deck design company site? (video review) member Richard ordered a website redesign advice video.

He was looking for feedback on how to update his popular deck design website at

Watch this quick video for my expert recommendations on redesign, usability, product strategy, email list-building, and…


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New "Social TV" website redesign recommendations video

Personalized website design and content strategy review video of the new social TV website at

Website design expert Scott Fox reviews the usability, website design, product strategy, and sales conversion for the site…


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Sale: "How to Outsource" Success Secrets Bundle - only $39!

Want the best “secrets” for profitably finding, interviewing, hiring, and managing virtual assistants and freelance contractors?

For the critical details that can help your business save time and money, download the "Outsourcing Success Secrets" bundle…


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Video Office Hours - Wednesday! Come say hello!

Our "October Challenge Checkpoint" Video Office Hours session is this Wednesday, October 16.

I'll be live via webcam taking your questions in the Chat Room starting at 530pm ET (230pmPT/1030pmUK).

And you can…


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Top Ten Popular New Forum Discussions for You

1The Best Business Partner Anyone Could Ever Ask For!

The Best Business Partner Anyone Could Ever Ask For!

Posted by Kevin McClellan on October 1, 2013



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How to get interviewed on radio & podcasts (Special Training)

Would you like to learn how you can get free on-the-air interviews on radio and podcast talk shows to promote your expertise and products?

That kind of free publicity is one of the specialties of my popular site.

Based on our years of success helping people get booked for free "on the air"…


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