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Would you like even more personal or private coaching from Scott Fox than the Click Millionaires Forum offers?

Private Coaching Calls with Scott Fox are a great way to accelerate your online business success!

These calls are private, one-on-one telephone conversations that can make a huge difference in your progress toward becoming a "Click Millionaire" yourself.

Discuss with Scott your latest Internet business ideas, online marketing strategies, develop new website concepts and products, and get his personal, private strategy recommendations!

Learn more about this great internet business strategy coaching service by visiting to order!

[There are discounts available if you sign up for monthly or bi-monthly calls.

More powerful (and an even better deal) is the monthly Personal Coaching Service.  That can help keep you on track with the benefits of Scott’s coaching with 2 calls per month, plus many other benefits.  Details are here:]


Here are some testimonials to how much a private coaching with Scott Fox can help YOUR e-business:

"I loved the call and what I learned.  Amazing.
Great job Scott.  This is just the beginning."
- Mark F., Springfield, Illinois
I wanted to thank Scott again for the wonderful guidance I received during my call yesterday and also provide a short testimonial: Scott is not only an incredible e-Business man and Internet marketing guru, he is also a creative and brilliant coach. He has the ability to quickly hone in on his client's passions and help guide her to inspired planning and most importantly formulating an action plan!"
- Marion C., Trenton, New Jersey
"I have had a few of these coaching calls with Scott (3 to be exact). It is one of the best investments you can make for your business!! I know I will be scheduling another call or two in the near future. The information and help you get from a one on one call that lets you focus on you and your business ideas, problems, questions etc. is well worth it!
Where else could you get this kind of help for the price Scott charges? NOWHERE!!!!
Worth every penny!!!"
- Michael S., Escanaba, Michigan
"Hello fellow Click Millionaires,
I'd been feeling a little stuck, and wondering which way to go with my trail running site, and some other ideas I had, so I booked a private coaching call with Scott. We had this call last night and I'm very glad I turned to Scott for help. I came away with lots to think about and renewed enthusiasm for my project. We discussed how I could move my trail running site forward, in terms of attracting more visitors, building a list of subscribers, finding out what people want from the site and possible new directions for the site. We also discussed ideas I had for another website and business in web design/VA services.
Scott's a great listener and all the advice given was very 'person-centred' based on my own aims and interests. The time absolutely flew by, but we crammed an awful lot into that time, and I now have a much clearer idea of what my priorities are, and how to move ahead.
The call was absolutely worth every penny and I highly recommend it to anyone who feels they needs guidance with their web business."
- Liz M., Surrey, UK

"Hey Everyone!

I just had the pleasure of talking to Scott for one hour on the phone about my website and business. It was fun, interesting, and enormously helpful. He gave me spot-on, incisive and specific analysis of a dozen things my webmaster and I can do to improve my website and, thus, business. I already have a pretty good business and website, but Scott's advice will improve the site 100% and likely double or triple business over the next few months--once we implement his many excellent suggestions.

I highly recommend you invest the money to have a private, in-depth consultation with Scott. I'm going to do so again in 3-4 weeks, this time focusing on his analysis of my SEO, copy, & Adwords (PPC advertising) campaign. I can't wait to learn more and make it work!

Thanks a million, Scott!"

- Marc A., Washington, D.C.

"Probably the best investment I have made to date for my e-business.

Scott was extremely helpful in breaking down some of the road blocks and his first hand experience in the digital world has given me a new confidence about making my web venture a success . Will do it again no question . Thanks again Scott."

- Murray L., Auckland, New Zealand

"The coaching call with Scott was a great investment for my business. It was inspiring and full of valuable advise. I highly recommend it to everyone who has an online business."

- Daniel P., Romania

"My private coaching call with Scott was very informative. Whether you have basic web design, marketing, to overall business execution strategy questions, he tells it the way he sees it. Your straight forward answers and specifics helped bring more clarity to my decision making. I would highly recommend giving Scott a call now to help improve your online business!"

- Tou Y., Rockford, Illinois

"Hi all - I had a private coaching call with Scott - if you can, do it! You know, we read all about each other's businesses, we try a few things, but sometimes we have a block in our vision. Or something we just completely missed. That's what I discovered, and got a whole slew of strategies and actions to move my business along.

Three areas I wanted to cover were how to get good feedback from potential buyers, where and how to start marketing for this particular niche, and a little bit of advice on pricing. I got all of this and more.

Scott - thank you for a great call. I'm amazed that you can "get it" from about 5 minutes of background, and then off we went. Well worth it!"
 - Marie B., Buffalo, New York

"First rate! I found the one hour telephone call with Scott to be highly beneficial. I have been able to move my business idea forwardmuch quicker than would have been the case other wise.

Scott Fox's experience helped me to think about my business in new ways and he gave me a lot of advice that I would not have got anywhere else.

I recommend that you take advantage of Scott Fox's offer - it should prove very useful to you."
- John H., London, UK

"Hi Scott,
Your 1 hour coaching session was very insightful and will pay for itself several times over. I felt you genuinely cared about my online business idea and how it would affect me.
Thanks for helping me fine tune the idea along with some great low cost marketing concepts. I would recommend this to anyone interested in beginning an online business."
- Dr. Sean, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I highly recommend the personal coaching session with Scott. His sincere interest in really trying to help me brainstorm and expand my website was truly valuable.
He gave me better clarity and focus on what I needed to do right now to grow my business."
- Gerhard C., Palm Beach, Florida

"The session with Scott Fox went very well and was very informative. I had all my questions answered, but the best thing was to have my concept validated. Thank you."
- Deborah A., Richmond, Virginia

"After devouring Scott’s books, ‘Internet Riches’ and ‘e-Riches 2.0’ I had several ideas for an Internet business along with a bad case of “Analysis Paralysis.” What to do with all that valuable information?
For me, the next step was booking a one on one session with Scott. It was an hour well-spent sharing ideas, asking questions and getting concrete answers that will take me to the next level in terms of creating my own online business.
When you’re ready to get serious about becoming an Internet entrepreneur, a private coaching call with Scott should be at the top of your To Do List."
- Judith H., Miami, Florida

Excellent session.  The last 10 minutes alone was more than worth the cost of the call.
- David J. Garling, MD, PhD


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