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Click Millionaires is a platform for positive change in the world.

Our "Six C's" form an easy-to-remember equation that I hope will guide your work with us:

Community + Courage + Creativity + Computers + Compassion = Cash


The Click Millionaires community is dedicated to:

  • The improvement and self-improvement of all those who deserve better.
  • The development, marketing, and profitability of entrepreneurial small businesses on the Internet.
  • Empowering Click Millionaires members to do the work they were born to do by pursuing fulfilling, independent, creative work that they enjoy.
  • Encouraging innovation, independence, invention, and experimentation
  • Reducing fear of entrepreneurship, technology, risk, and failure.
  • Supporting the success of our members and their communities and other entrepreneurs worldwide
  • Committing to sharing our success by reinvesting our profits in our communities.



To build a friendly, affordable, community that encourages entrepreneurs to do the inspiring, fulfilling, creative, and profitable work that they were born to do. 

To do this by teaching and sharing how to build ethical, Internet-based businesses that serve others so that Click Millionaires members can make more money, lead fuller, more creative and independent lives, and contribute back to their communities to encourage more success, too.


  • I am smart, important, and dedicated to my own success and the success of those around me.
  • I work hard, ethically, and creatively to create value and share it generously.
  • I have unique talents, experience, and perspective that I use to help others and profit from my services, too.
  • I am committed to improving my own life through honest hard work and marketing that profits by serving the legitimate needs of others.
  • As I succeed I commit to sharing my knowledge, time, and money with others who deserve it.

What do you think?  Are these principles worth committing yourself to?

Please share your feedback in the Forum!

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