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MasterMinds Meetings

MasterMinds Meetings are one of the most popular benefits exclusive to our MasterMinds members!

These live webcam group video calls give personalized coaching to MasterMinds members directly from Scott Fox, plus fellow members from all over the world, too.

How do MasterMinds Meetings video calls work?

During these private sessions, Scott turns on the webcam in his office to speak directly with YOU!  Up to 8 MasterMinds members can join the conversation at a time LIVE via webcam.

(See the screenshot above for an idea of how this looks and works.)

Scott and fellow MasterMinds members will help you personally with your questions about online marketing, new business creation, finding a profitable niche online, SEO, lifestyle design, e-commerce - whatever is on your mind!

There’s no script or pre-decided topic. It’s truly your time to get personal coaching in a small group “Master Mind” setting.

These regular group video conference calls enable you to work directly with Scott and get to know your fellow MasterMinds members, too. 

Private Coaching Calls with Scott usually cost $250/hour but during MasterMinds Meetings, you’ll get to talk directly with Scott for free!


Private and Live Only for MasterMinds Members – No Replays

Video MasterMinds Meetings are private conversations where MasterMinds members can discuss the real and personal issues they face in their Click Millionaire businesses.

These are LIVE sessions – there are no recordings or replays.  The video is not recorded or shared anywhere.

Feeling Shy?

Fancy clothes, hair, or makeup are definitely NOT required.

But if you don’t want to appear on webcam, you can still join us.  Simply click to “mute” your video stream after you join the chat room.

Of course we’d prefer to see your smiling face!

It’s time for you to upgrade to Scott Fox’s MasterMinds Forum so we can see YOU soon during a Video MasterMinds Meeting call!


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