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What’s Better about MasterMinds?

Like the free Click Millionaires Forum, our Master Minds group is a social network built around a discussion forum BUT MasterMinds is better and different because:

Exclusive MasterMinds-only Direct Access to me, Scott Fox: The MasterMinds Forum is personally moderated by your favorite lifestyle business expert, me! Click Millionaires MasterMinds Group

As a Master Minds group member I will share personalized advice to help your online business grow. I am on the web site, in the Forums, and coaching members like you every day! Really.

The MasterMinds Forum is Private:  Unlike this free forum, MasterMinds is not open to Google searches.  It's open only to the most committed and successful Internet entrepreneurs willing to pay the small monthly fee to get the best advice available.

This means a smaller, more personal group of friendly members truly interested in helping you succeed online.

Get Your Web Business-Building Questions Answered (finally!): You won't have to go it alone any more!  I'll lead our community in helping to mentor you and provide honest, clear answers to your web site building and online marketing questions.

Video "MasterMinds Meetings" Private Webcasts:  Only MasterMinds group members get to ask questions face-to-face via webcam during these exclusive free video coaching sessions.

Exclusive "Click Millionaires" Free Tools Resource Library: Access to my personal Members-only archive of the best business-building tools and online marketing resources that you can access online 24/7. These are the cost-effective free tools that I use to build my own successful businesses online - Not overpriced "guru" BS!

Free Easy Graphics Maker:  Get 100% free access to my top online graphics service.  It can help you quickly create the professional-looking sales graphics your website needs more of.  ($39 value!)

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Free Expert Website Review Videos ($149 value!):  You've seen these helpful videos on YouTube and my blog.  Now get one for yourself to help upgrade your site to attract more customer traffic and sales.

Free Training Courses: Choose from online video training courses like my exclusive "Traffic Building School" and "WordPress Basic Training" that can help you learn how to market online, how to build your websites better, how to use social media, and more!

Free SEO Website Community Review Clinics: Get community advice on how to improve your website's Search Engine Optimization - free!  You'll get thousands of dollars of good advice (and save big $$$ vs. expensive focus groups or SEO consultants!)

Early "Preview" Access to New Products and Services: I'm always working on new stuff - MasterMinds get to see it first!

Make new Friends:  Join my small, private, worldwide, members-only community of friendly online marketers, entrepreneurs, web site owners, and Guest Experts, too.  Meet, learn, share your questions and experience, get smart advice online 24/7!

Special Privileges in the Click Millionaires public forum including priority Guest Post Eligibility, Priority during Events, and Discounts.

Fun contests, drawings, giveaways, and money-saving discounts and deals – only for MasterMinds members

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Comment by Arden K. Oji on November 16, 2012 at 9:05pm
This is my first experience with a forum and it has been interesting and informative. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful.
Comment by Jayne Georgette on November 19, 2012 at 3:10pm

I am fairly new to the MasterMind community but already amazed encountering such a cohesive group despite what appears to be a quite diversified group.

I have been a member in online groups for a few years and I am still member in some of them; none of the groups that I am currently member could be used for “real” advice, help, and recommendation.

Most people will post their question because there is an active encouragement to do so by the management; however, I find these an exercise in futility.

In Mastermind, I already received help in finding the right person to assist me in the development of my new blog. I was asking for the same help posting the same question in my other community groups for weeks without any success.

I also participated in a group discussion where the topic is quite controversial, yet I did not see anyone being offensive or rude.  On the contrary. It was a real pleasant surprise how we could disagree in a professional manner and actually learning from the experience.

The best part of my story is, however, how the leader, Scott Fox, who is quite a busy person being involved in various national and international activities, writing books, delivering speeches ...yet takes time to make sure that each and every member of the group is happy, finding help with their projects and ....

For instance, I posted a message about my difficulties in finding a qualified web designer. In a few days, when Scott did not see any communication from me, he sent a message asking if anyone was able to help me or should he investigate other options so that I can be helped. That is unheard of in any forums, MasterMinds or other community groups; a person with Scott’s stature and competence to get involved in every single member’s well being, is priceless.

I also paid attention to the high level of responses to question be members. I always said that two brains are better than a single one. Multiply that by the 100s and imagine what each member can achieve with a support group of this capability.

One of the better decisions I have made lately is joining the MasterMind group at Click Millionaires. A person, like myself, that is in the process of launching an online business, needs a support group; but it is not easy to find a group like the MasterMind of Click Millionaires. I am confident that it will be much easier to

accomplish my goals, knowing that I can always count on the members, as well as, on Scott to be there with helpful advise.

The members at MasterMind are the most committed, productive and helpful that I have seen at similar online communities. Everyone is eager to share information, and every member feels a sense of pride when a member succeeds in his/her endeavor.

Comment by Ninos Youkhana on January 31, 2013 at 1:09pm nice...

Comment by Jayne Georgette on January 31, 2013 at 3:19pm

Thank you Ninos; I am glad you like it. It is really a very cohesive and helpful group. You' will also have an opportunity to learn many things.


Comment by Cassius Johnson on March 26, 2013 at 9:27pm

My joining the Masterminds group has been money well spent, and the information that I've gained access to has been invaluable, and has helped me take my first steps towards developing my business. The support from the group and from Scott himself has been outstanding.  Everything has been as advertised and better.

Joining the MasterMinds has removed all excuses that I may have for not developing and launching a successful web business!

Comment by Louis Kuper on March 27, 2013 at 7:21pm

The mastermind group has been amazing! I love all the resources and the community has been so helpfull, I'm sure I would have abandoned my idea if it wasn't for the help and encouragement of the mastermind group but because of the support I have I'm excited to see my project come to life. I recomend it to any one!

Comment by Melinda Keeney on March 27, 2013 at 9:09pm

I had to return to the MasterMind group.  This forum provides resources, tools, support, and friendly critiques of and for online entrepreneur ventures.  Your ROI (return on investment) is immediate.  The diversity of expertise available usually removes any obstacles or objections to getting the job done. 

In addition, you have access to Scott Fox who wrote the book on Internet Riches and continued providing books and to propel the online entrepreneur.


Comment by Scott Fox on March 28, 2013 at 1:25pm

Thank you Cassius, Louis, and Melinda!

Glad that the MasterMinds upgrade is paying off so well for each of you.

It's fun working with you more directly in the MasterMinds Forum.

See you there again soon!


Comment by Marla Kay Dandrea on June 18, 2013 at 7:22pm
Joining the MasterMind community was one of the best decisions I have made on my "lifestyle Design" journey. Access to Scott and his wisdom is worth every penny. In addition, the MasterMind members are givers. They enjoy helping each other with questions, and giving advice in their own areas of expertise. If you are serious about building an online business around your lifestyle, joining the MasterMind community should be your next action step! Try the free trial and you can see for yourself!
Comment by Ernie Grafiada on October 5, 2013 at 10:43am
I joined MasterMinds a few days ago and I'm glad I did! There is a lot of help and support there that I needed to get my website going and a lot of tools and tutorials that I couldn't find elsewhere. I highly recommend it!
Comment by Scott Fox on November 4, 2013 at 3:18pm

Hi Marla and Ernie,

It's been great working with you as MasterMinds members.

I'm impressed by how much you have both been accomplishing with your new website businesses.

Success breeds success!

Comment by Christine Corretti on May 5, 2014 at 6:48pm

I love the MasterMinds forum because the help is more involved and personal.  Plus, Scott is there all the time.  The people are great, just as the free Forum members are, and, honestly, I wish I could get to know them and Scott in person.  No business mentor, to my knowledge, has what Scott has done for his readers.  

Comment by Awais Ahmad on May 21, 2014 at 11:45am

It's really my good luck to find a such nice group where everyone is helping each other, but more appreciating is that a best seller author is getting time to help group members.

I searched for some time a group like this where a novice can learn and expert can have his abilities polished.

To achieve the best in life a mentor is required and I found not only one mentor, but a group of people to act as mentors.

Comment by Caroline McIntosh on July 22, 2014 at 7:19pm
This is my first forum or networking group and I am glad I have met them. I think that Scott is particularly atentive and present. I like that. The fact that he does follow-up and answer questions makes me feel respected and that he is interested and responsible for his forum.
Comment by Scott Fox on December 15, 2014 at 4:22pm

Here are a few more comments that people have emailed me about the MasterMinds Forum:

I upgraded to the forum as a complete novice in Internet business but with a desire to succeed.

I have found the forum to be very resourceful.

At every step along the way, members have been sharing ideas and experiences willingly.

The forum is truly filled with masterminds.

Hello Everyone,

I joined ClickMillionaire Masterminds a few weeks ago. During this time, I took part in several interesting discussions from existing members on the private forum.

I am half way through the very helpful free "Traffic Building School" course that contains an amazing amount of very useful information. This on its own is worth a few months of subscription payments to Mastermind.

I had a site review when several members of ClickMillionaire Mastermind have offered very precise advice on how to improve the financial return and look of my web pages. I am very grateful for all their comments.

Scott did a video review of my site for free and it is packed with very informative information on how to get a better return.

There basically a huge amount of information at your fingertips when you join Mastermind.

- Patrick

The Click Millionaires Mastermind Group has been an absolute god-send.
Not only have I learnt so much in just 1 month, but it has saved me hundreds of dollars in money I would have wasted changing things on my website or getting SEO consultants to work on.
The community SEO clinic that is being done on my site is worth 10x more than the monthly membership. That alone has saved me SO much money.
Everyone is so helpful and supportive and Scott answers and chips in to every question that is posted in the forums (he is not just the figure-head).
If you are thinking about joining, I can't think of money more well spent. It costs the same as buying maybe 2 books a month. But the knowledge and skills you get from being part of the group,is given back to you ten-fold.
Just do it and see for yourself.
- Vanessa
Comment by Scott Fox on January 7, 2015 at 5:12pm

Thanks to new MasterMinds member Kenneth, who wrote in from Norway to say:

I have found a lot of valuable information by reading the posts in the Master Minds forum. I really appreciate that Scott gives his advice to my problems and challenges."



Comment by Christine Corretti on June 4, 2015 at 5:15pm

Master Minds is the only private online support group for serious-minded business owners.  I totally need the advice I get here.

Comment by Scott Fox on August 4, 2016 at 11:55am

Masa from Tokyo says:

Thank you very much!

I think this service is really great because I can ask any question about online business anytime.

I can get feedback from people in this community, especially from best-seller author, Scott too!

Scott has been very helpful and that was something I couldn't imagine.  

There are many experienced like-minded people in this community.

It is always wonderful there is someone whom I can ask whatever I have question about online business.

Great to hear from you, Masa. Glad that the MasterMinds Forum is helping you and your business so much!




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