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Definition and Goals of Click Millionaires

Are you tired of making your boss rich?

Pretending that you like your job when you don't? And pretending that you have job security when you really don't?

Has "making the best of it" become your daily routine?

Wouldn't you prefer to control your own hours, have more say in the strategy and product development and marketing that pays your bills? Wouldn't you prefer to run your own life??

Click Millionaire Definition:

[ klik mil-yuh-nair] or [ klik mil'ye-nâr']

"An e-business professional who embraces the Internet to live a "Click Millionaire lifestyle" of personal career control, schedule flexibility, and creative independence.

Click Millionaires use web sites, e-commerce, digital publishing, and social media to build 
lifestyle businesses that share their ideas and products with the world on their own schedule and terms.
A lifestyle design movement as much as a business model, becoming a Click Millionaire does not require a million dollar business.  Instead, Click Millionaires define success by using the Internet's latest tools to build profitable, ethical, Internet-based businesses that improve their own lives and the lives around them."

Click Millionaire Click Millionaire Click Millionaire

If you are in search of a new way of living (and making money) online that can change your life for the better, congratulations! You are a "Click Millionaire".

The Goals of Click Millionaires

Click Millionaires are lifestyle entrepreneurs who understand that the Internet is the most powerful business platform in history, as well as a powerful tool for personal profit, career advancement, and independent success.   They combine their personal motivation with the latest Internet strategies in pursuit of three principal objectives:

1. Make More Money Online

Click Millionaires work "smarter not harder," leveraging the cost-effective worldwide reach of the Web to achieve 
financial independence.  Whether they are new to the online world, have existing web sites that they are looking to improve, or are experienced e-marketers, they strive to build replicatable, automated business systems that support their lifestyles by generating income with minimal oversight.

2. Find Success

Click Millionaires believe in their own potential, both as business people and as human beings. They work together to uncover and make money from sharing their unique talents with the world online and to build the lifestyles they desire and deserve.

3. Be Generous

Click Millionaires aim for success to benefit both themselves and others.  By building a network that shares its success to inspire even more success worldwide, Click Millionaires reinvest their time, money, prayers, and efforts in their communities.  They are committed to making a positive difference in the world, both once they have "made it" and also in smaller steps daily along the way.

Your membership here makes you one of the elite few lifestyle entrepreneurs who both recognizes the opportunity offered by the Internet AND who is smart enough to invest in capitalizing on it.

Welcome to the #1 network on the Internet dedicated to upgrading 
your life today!

What do you think of this "Manifesto"? How closely does does this definition of Click Millionaires match your own approach to life?

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