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Wordpress Training

WordPress Basic Training Video Course

WordPress is the most popular blog and website design software online today.

It's so inexpensive and easy-to-use that millions of top blogs and websites are run using WordPress today.

Would you like to learn how to set-up and use WordPress, too?

This 18 part video training series can teach you.  And it's 100% free for MasterMinds members.

Welcome to our free Wordpress Basic Training Video Course!

After you upgrade your free Click Millionaires membership to MasterMinds, you can watch the videos in order, or use them as your own private Reference Library for when you get stuck configuring your WordPress installation.

WordPress Basic Training Video Course Table of Contents

  1.   How to install WordPress quickly and easily
  2.   How to set your General Settings
  3.   How to set Permalinks for your site
  4.   How to adjust Discussion settings
  5.   How to find and install plugins on your WordPress site
  6.   How to secure your site (Better WP Security plugin)
  7.   How to strengthen your password
  8.   The difference between a Post and a Page
  9.   How to style your content pages
  10.   How to insert hyperlinks into your content
  11.   How to add images to WordPress
  12.   How to add a YouTube video to your content page
  13.   How to modify your sidebar widgets
  14.   How to add new categories
  15.   How to add new links to your blogroll
  16.   How to add new users to your site
  17.   How to find free themes for your WordPress site
  18.   How to use Menus in WordPress

How to Watch These Videos

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