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Code of Conduct

Everyone is welcome here at Click Millionaires.

The beauty of Internet business is that today you can succeed based on your own talent and hard work. 

No longer do you have to be a certain size, gender, color, religion, or have gone to the right schools or be connected with somebody "important". 

Together we're building a friendly, worldwide community of motivated online lifestyle entrepreneurs and marketers.

To encourage interaction and community support, below are a few simple rules for how everyone is expected to behave. Following these guidelines will help both our community and your Internet lifestyle business flourish.

Conversations here center around business, marketing, strategy, and personal development.  Please save your postings about politics, religion, and other potentially divisive topics for other forums.

Your participation here is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as posted here and here. Failure to follow these terms and the more general guidelines below will result in being banned from the network.

Please note that this is NOT a private forum, so do not post anything that you do not want to share publicly.  Any postings you make here are publicly visible to both search engine and human visitors, and may be archived. 

Code of Conduct Guidelines

Be Nice
Presume the best, not the worst when others disagree with you. No one is here at Click Millionaires by accident - they are just as interested as you are in finding solutions to online success. Like email, text-based forum messages lose a lot of the nuance that face-to-face communication provides. So members should be sure to give the "benefit of the doubt" to others' intentions when interacting.
Be Generous
Share your expertise and others will share with you. The collective wisdom in this group is huge and there's room on the Web for everyone to succeed. Share your knowledge and you'll soon benefit from returned favors, too. (You'll also see that the most popular member contributors to the community will be rewarded and recognized publicly!)
Be Ethical
Click Millionaires was started to help people succeed online fairly and honestly. Anyone using the Click Millionaires training to scam people will be banned from the community.
No Lazy Linking
When you share an article, website, service, or product recommendation, please also explain WHY.  We're all interested in your opinions but please take at least a few minutes (and paragraphs) to detail your personal experience with the recommendation and why you feel motivated to share it here.  Short posts that endorse other sites, links, services, or content without detailed explanation will be seen as spam and deleted.  
No Sales Pitches
We know that you want to make more money and attract more customers online. But product pitches, repeated self-promotion, sales efforts, and self-serving profile names are not allowed here.
This includes NO AFFILIATE LINKS (including clever redirects). Only mention products to fellow members that you like so much you will promote them without affiliate compensation please. Instead, please consider this a "Pitch Free Zone" where everyone can learn together. If you have a product or service you would like to promote to your fellow Click Millionaires, please visit the Forum to post in the Announcements, Deals & Favors section.

If you experience or see violations of these principles, please report it to "abuse @"

That's it. The presumption is that everyone here is an adult and will behave like one.

Of course, violation of these terms can result in penalties including removal from the network.

We really appreciate your help in creating a supportive, friendly environment here for everyone.

Thanks for being a Click Millionaires member.
Scott Fox
& the Team

p.s. As part of keeping Click Millionaires "pitch free", please limit your .sig files to 2 lines including no more than 1 URL (which should be to your own website, not an affiliate link or other promotion). Thanks.

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