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Best Site Builder

The best site builder for building your first website is a hotly debated topic in Internet marketing.

The "best" website builder means the one that offers you an easy combination of tools for non-technical users to build a robust new website inexpensively. 

But I'm looking for a service that is not just cheap or free or easy...

The best website building service should also include hosting (meaning you don't have to have your own servers).

[If you are just looking for good hosting, my website hosting recommendation is detailed here.]

It offers professional-looking (and free) design templates, and includes WYSIWYG access to the underlying HTML and SEO customization, too.

  • Wordpress:  The most popular website publishing and hosting system today is Wordpress.  It offers most (although not all) of the features detailed above.  However, there are several different flavors of Wordpress that can be quite confusing.  Read this article if you are interested in learning more.

Unfortunately, that type of platform confusion is typical of the Wordpress world. Most experts agree that Wordpress is the best combination of features and price, but it's still pretty techie to learn and get started.

If you are interested in other hosted services that can help you build your website with a minimum of technical knowledge needed, try these.  These are the site building services I hear the most about, several of which I became an affiliate for due to their excellent reputations:


My #1 recommended website builder is Site Build It.  Their service includes such good SEO training, a helpful support forum, and a money-back guarantee that I'm an affiliate for them, too. 

Learn more about Site Build It here.

(And see how Site Build It compares to WordPress (and beats it) here.)

UPDATE:  See SBI's new "BizExpress" WordPress plug-in here!  This new plug-in may give you the best of both WP and SBI...

And, if you are only looking for good hosting, my website hosting recommendation for Blue Host is explained here.

Thanks to the readers of my books and the Click Millionaires 
MasterMinds members for their help in developing these recommendations.

Disclosure: These recommendations probably include affiliate links as detailed here.

What do you think?

Which website building services do you nominate as "best" and why?

(Nominations for "worst" are also helpful!)


Your comments below are appreciated by Click Millionaires worldwide and can help us update this page!

Thanks for sharing.  


Comment by Scott Fox on February 24, 2014 at 4:02pm

Hi all,

It looks like SBI has launched a new Wordpress plug-in!  It's called Biz Express.

If these 2 systems work well together, that could be a powerful combination for all of us to use.

You can get more details on the new SBI-Wordpress plugin here.

If you try it, please post about your experiences in the Forum so others can benefit, too.



Comment by Terry Thompson on March 19, 2014 at 9:31pm

I've tried Joomla and Wordpress and like Wordpress better.  Some of the plugins are hit or miss and I found a great theme.  The only problem I am having is making my site social.  I am currently using bbpress for my forum and buddypress for my social network aspect of my site.  I kind of like them and haven't fully figured them out.  If anyone knows of a better solution to build a niche social network on a site other than buddypress for a wordpress site I would love to hear it.

Comment by Scott Fox on June 13, 2014 at 4:35pm

Hi all,

We recently had another good conversation about site building and hosting here:

For hosting alone, I still recommend BlueHost (as you can see under the Recommendations tab above under the link "Best Website Hosting").

If you are already HTML savvy, and might want to use Wordpress, for example, then Blue Host is an excellent hosting choice. 

However, if you are brand new to website building, then I recommend SBI.  Their system is not just hosting but also includes website building tools AND some excellent training in site design, SEO, and niche-finding.  I don't know of any other system that includes all that the way SBI does for beginners.

Last, Typepad is what I personally use the most and it is also a top recommendation (as detailed under the Recommendations tab above here).  It's a good solution if you want to be able to quickly build simple sites and blogs but have some basic tech skills to take advantage of Typepad's pre-built design templates, CSS, and HTML customization capabilities.

There is some discussion of other template-based site building services here, too.  I recommend you look at all of them to see which seems to most closely match what you are imagining.  Those type of services are the easiest to get going with if you are new to website building.

I hope that update is helpful to some of you, too.

Who else has thoughts to share?




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