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I recently turned to online "cloud storage" services to start backing up my data automatically after recent near-disaster where an external hard drive crashed unexpectedly. 

Now I'm subscribed to an online backup service called Carbonite Online Backup. Protect your files with Carbonite Online Backup

Carbonite sweeps my hard drives each day to find the latest document changes and e-mails I've received.  Then it automatically uploads them to its secure servers in the cloud to help make sure I have everything backed up.

So far I have not had to restore anything from these Carbonite backups but I have to say I do sleep better presuming that if/when needed, Carbonite's service will perform as promised.

I've become an affiliate for their service and I recommend Carbonite to you.  It's affordable, easy to set up, and can make a big difference in your business if your current backup strategy fails.


Thanks to the readers of my books and the Click Millionaires 
MasterMinds members for their help in developing these recommendations.

Disclosure: These recommendations probably include affiliate links as detailed here.

What do you think? 

Have you tried Carbonite or other online storage services yet?

Please share your best backup tips below to help other Click Millionaires avoid backup disasters, too.

Thanks for sharing!


Comment by Terry Roberts on October 6, 2012 at 3:44pm

Just this week I migrated most everything on my laptop to "the cloud", mostly to Google:

-GMail replaced Outlook contacts

-Google Contacts replaced Outlook contacts

-Google Calendar replaced Outloook calendar

Google Drive replaced Carbonite back-ups (it automatically syncs like Carbonite). So all my content is duplicated real-time at Gooble.

-Google Docs will be used instead of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

-I was already using Evernote as a cloud-based repository for everything under the sun (log-ins, articles, notes, Web pages, lists, how-to's...everything). It's amazing how seamlessly it can store content from all manner of sources and maintain the formatting. It's fast, too.

-My Websites are managed entirely by browser, My upcoming membership site content - many videos and docs - are all stored on Amazon S3, not Google. That's only because before deciding I would use Google for everything else, I had already invested a lot of time in moving it there and certain Website management tools I use were built for S3. Otherwise, all the site content could also be at Google in the same manner. But the current mix is working just fine with no pain. The S3 site content is served by a high-security, industrial-strength server (multiple ones if server load or bandwidth demands), and backed-up redundantly.

So far, it's working beautifully. Outlook drives me crazy. I'm much happier with the Google solutions. I route the receiving and sending of six different email accounts through the one Gmail account now. And GMail is amazingly fast and has cool features (like finding and merging duplicate contacts - in about 3 seconds)!

I can synch everything above to multiple platforms: smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet. Make a change to the content and it's immediately updated on whatever platform you use next.

If I can get to any browser - even someone else's - I can get to my entire digital life.

Which also means that if a piece of hardware dies, I just replace it, synch to the Google account and Evernote, and I'm back in business without missing a beat.

How come it tooks us this long to get to this place? Connection speed? Processing power? Affordable storage? (I get 25 Gb on Google for $2.49/month. So far, Amazon S3 is costing about $1.00 a month. That will go up with the launch of the membership site, but it will be cheap - probably under $20 a month.)

I hope that gives you some ideas.


Comment by Deyson Ortiz on November 8, 2012 at 9:26am

I have heard great things about Carbonite.

Personally I have been using and  I am very happy with them and the price is simply amazing.

Comment by Ron Kneale on January 6, 2013 at 7:12pm

I just finished setting up 2 Wordpress sites to automatically backup to Google Drive. After reading half a dozen How-to blogs about the process, I decided it wasn't too difficult to try. There is a plugin called "Google Drive for Wordpress" that is easily installed just like any Wordpress plugin. You can check it out here:

It gets a little tricky when you go to configure it, so here is an article explaining the process:

Both of my installations went smoothly without any problems. I set one site to backup automatically every week and the other once a month. I was able to set it up to backup all Wordpress files and the SQL Database.

Google provides 5GB of storage for FREE, and offers additional cloud storage of 25GB for $2.50/mo  or 100GB for $4.99/mo.

Gotta love Google, and Wordpress!

Comment by Scott Fox on January 8, 2013 at 12:10pm

Very helpful comments from all of you.

Thanks for sharing these details from your personal experience with the rest of our community.

Comment by Deyson Ortiz on January 9, 2013 at 12:58am

You are welcome! :)


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