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Unfortunately I've learned that as important as knowing what to do is, knowing what NOT to do can be even more valuable

As someone who has made plenty of mistakes myself along the way, I've learned that avoiding mistakes can save you countless hours and lots of money and heartache, too. 

The same blunders discussed in this post afflict many startup entrepreneurs, including YOU:

  • Blunder #1: Picking a small market
  • Blunder #2: Not focusing on our growth rate
  • Blunder #3: Ignoring freemium
  • Blunder #4: Ignoring marketing when building products
  • Blunder #5: Making marketing perfect
  • Blunder #6: Not getting the messaging right
  • Blunder #7: Writing off startups
  • Blunder #8: Ending marketing at sales
  • Blunder #9: Focusing on acquisition and not retention
  • Blunder #10: Waiting to blog

That's why I really enjoyed (and am sharing with you) this article:  10 Most Costly Marketing Blunders I’ve Ever Made from Neil Patel's Quick Sprout blog. 

It includes this helpful catalog of mistakes (with examples) that all sound familiar to me, and that can be helpful to you, too.

How many of these mistakes are you making right now?

Which ones are you doing alright on?

And which other "blunders" would you add to this list to help others avoid mistakes you've made?

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