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Nearly three million Americans reported $100,000 or more in solo business annual earnings in early data from the 2015 MBO State of Independence Survey, produced by MBO Partners. 

That’s approximately a 45% increase just since 2011.

The study suggests that this growing number of Americans earning six figures in solo businesses is due to several factors, all of which will be familiar to Click Millionaires:

-          High demand for technical specialist skills

-          The ability to communicate, collaborate, and deliver work remotely via the Internet

-          Hiring marketplaces that allow easy identification and employment of freelance workers

-          Rejection by employees of corporate pay scales in favor of “going direct” to clients for more money

-          The ability to coordinate and make money from multiple projects concurrently, which reduces the risk of self-employment

Catch the rest of Elaine Pofeldt’s article here on

Are you one of these freelance contractor types yet?

Or, have you employed workers like this remotely to get projects done for your employer?

Which of these factors mentioned above is the most important to you as you consider freelancing and project-based opportunities?



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