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What do you think of my Click Millionaires "Manifesto"?

(It's posted here in case you haven't seen it yet:

The Manifesto is an attempt to encourage people to "redefine" success for themselves and to take action to pursue their own goals.

Do you find it useful or inspiring?

How closely does it match your own philosophy of life and business?

I welcome your feedback!


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I did find this inspiring and found it useful to help explain my goals of working at home to take care of my children.  

One of the things I find personally challenging to explain and articulate is the idea of success.  What I consider as a success for myself, my business and family is considered radically different than most - including my family.  Depending on people's values and beliefs I'm either being short sighted or too aggressive.  

I think the amount of money I make is irrelevant as long as I can take care of my family and contribute to the causes that I personally find worthy.  That's why it's so important for me to surround myself with like-minded individuals (like here at Click Millionaires) because it's very easy to get frustrated by the nay-sayers and negative people.  

I get focused on the "monetization" that I need to read this regularly to keep things in balance. There is so much opportunity and no end of ideas, when to stop and go out and ride my bike or see some friends or read a book instead is a problem. Setting limits, that is what I need Click Millionaires to help me do. "Connie, step away from the computer."

I think we all dream of living life our way and not to the beat of others.  I find thinking about it all very inspiring, it's what keeps me going.  It's great to have regular reminder of what all this means by being part of this group.

I would find success in saying I've built something for myself by myself.  I'm not afraid of the hard work but I'm at the point in my life when if I have to work 10,12, or more hours a day I want it to be for myself and not some corporation that could lay me off at any moment.

I don't need to make a million dollars and live on the beach to think I'm successful.  If I could replace my current salary and benefits that would be a great start.

I love the simplicity of it. Makes it easy to keep it emotional and thus more persuasive when it really matters. Long documents tend to be more logical and logic seems to always lose to emotion. LoL.

I like the "work smarter not harder" emphasis. I have modified it before for myself. I changed it to "work smarter and then work harder." I keep it that way to remind myself that it takes both work and smarts.

I really liked it! I think you hit all the cridical nails on the head. Very good!

Hi Mr Scott,

Since I started one month ago, I had never looked back for what I've done to help discuss in the Forum and share our thoughts with friends especially from overseas. It was a move well received and my talent re-discovered here. to me is a Real Business where I can Plan,Put and Swing my PO Business into Action. Gaining Recognition for my "Work Well Done" is only possible and achievable with ClickMillionaire and supporting staff and members. 

Your Manifesto is Perfect and Fits me Well !

Thank You and Best Regards Always



I think it's great. And it addresses a market that has not only been markedly ignored but even treated on some fronts with condescension: lifestyle entrepreneurship.

I've been through lots of twists and turns in my own entrepreneurial journey, and when I look back, it strikes me how much time I wasted studying everything under the sun out there that has a built-in bias that nobody ever seemed to acknowledge, let alone challenge: the assumption that every entrepreneur's goal is to "go big." And going big = seed money (friends, family and credit cards), then angel money, then institutional money, then (maybe) going pubic = cashing out and playing golf.

So I spent a year immersed in the complex, frustrating, incredibly time-consuming world of trying to raise angel money for one of my ventures. Along the way, the feedback from a small angel investor group was, "It looks too much like a lifestyle business." I had never heard that term. I thought long and hard about what that might mean, and what I came up with was "It looks driven by your personal interest rather than a 'real, scalable business opportunity' so it isn't going to satisfy serious investors."

That made it feel like criticism. Like, "We're all playing a different game than you, so move along with your cute little dabbling while we attend to serious business."

Longer story short, I eventually picked up some tidbits along the way that led me to realize, "Darn right, it's a lifestyle business. That's what I want! You can have the nightmares of raising money, answering to demanding investors, pressure to go big for its own sake, managing people, commuting to an office, covering a fearsome "burn rate" and living a one-dimensional life I have no interest in."

So, for the last year or so, I've been happily (and smugly, I admit) devoted to building a lifestyle business. 

And suddenly, there you are, Scott, acknowledging thousands (probably millions) of people who have the same values, who want the same kinds of things. And it has an official name. And it's not only ok, it's perhaps the most satisfying thing one could do with one's life.

Thanks for formalizing the calling for us and creating a place where we can tell our stories.


Woo, hoo! 

Awesome to have this validation from all of you.

I agree with Terry that our society promotes "going big" for business instead of what I see as much more important which is "going happy"!

Very pleased to have you all here so we can work on this together, and spread the word to recruit other disaffected victims of "corpocracy", too.

All my best for your success,



This is in response to your Facebook post!  You set a good example for all Click Millionaires to utilize Social Media to support a lifestyle business. 


Lifestyle Entrepreneur...This is a relatively new phenomenom ....  Entrepreneurs inherently have the desire to create.  It is true that the corporate requirements sometimes overshadow the entreprenurial spirit. 


I think it is important to acknowledge that many large corporations started with an entrepreneur.   Some desire to make money and build empires.  Some were so successful that they didn't have any choice but to accept the standards of the industry in which they compete.  


Creating a lifestyle is probably much more difficult than being an entrepreneur.  Not that I have arrived, but I am able to be with my family when required, contribute to the charities that I support, be an active member of my church and community, define my work hours, my pay, my vacations, pursue the challenges of being an expert in the IT world, the thrill and motivation of being a business owner, to have another business that is directly related to my, and another business, too, that provides recurring revenues. 


Lifestyle Entreprenuer is not focused on "having it all."  It is a matter of priorities and balance.  Click Millionaires helps you build a business more efficiently by using web, stay focused on the priorities, and remind you that the prize is the balance!!!


Thanks Scott...





Melinda, liked your post. Priorities and Balance are tricky (at least for me).  I like your niche and your website has a lot of information. I would love to find out more about the bottle in this image, if you have any recommendations or information on where to look that would be wonderful. Otherwise, I better wait to research until my To Do list has a few more things checked off:)

Priorities and balance are tricky for everyone:)  


I haven't done any research on this particular bottle but this bottle looks like one that would be used in a lab with like a bunson burner due to the rounded bottom and the cork stopper. 


If the seam runs through the lip it is an ABM which means it's dated post-1910's.  




ps.  I love the way you have used the bottle.  I just love the utilitarian value of all types of bottles as well as the aesthetic appeal of some.    


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