Email Marketing $19/Month!

Everyone is too busy today to take the time to figure out what you mean. 

You need to GRAB their attention, encourage their INTEREST, and make them take ACTION.

In other words, how you write your headlines, blog posts, Tweets, status updates, and sales pages can make ALL the difference in your online success.

The skill of writing persuasively to encourage sales is often called "copywriting". 

It's a style far different from the academic approach you learned in school.  Even if you're highly educated, successful copywriting means changing your style to more closely match the supermarket tabloids.

Copywriting has been well covered and taught online for years. 

But if this is a new topic for you, you'll appreciate this recent post.  It summarizes 7 valuable lessons for improving your sales through better copywriting.

Even better?  It's not just some "guru" opinion, it's based on the lessons from 4 top books in psychology, sales, and copywriting.  These tips include:

  • Offering a reason for your requests (the famous "because" study)
  • Providing value that matches the needs of the audience
  • Targeting a specific audience
  • Making a clear offer that is in line with their beliefs
  • Appealing to fundamental human needs
  • Keeping it simple
  • Differentiating your offer from competitors

Of course, those are just very high level summaries.  The post goes into much more detail so you should click through here because it is well worth reading the whole thing.

Have you studied copywriting before?

What tips have been most useful to improve your sales conversions?

Which of these ideas is newest, and most valuable, to you?



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