Email Marketing $19/Month!

I’m a huge fan of autoresponders and they’ve helped me make a lot of money online.

Autoresponders are just pre-written email messages that you write to help follow up with new subscribers and customers over time. 

You write a bunch of messages today, then queue them up to be sent out over time from an autoresponder email messaging system like AWeber or FeedBlitz.

Automating your email follow-up like this is not hard and it can help you keep monetizing your audience and email list for YEARS.

Of course, you can still email your list directly whenever you have an announcement, new blog post, or sale to share with them.  But autoresponders can keep chugging along in the background to build your brand and bring you new sales, even when you’ve forgotten they're working!

Or they can be used to automate the delivery of a course or other information that you want to “drip” out to your audience.

If this marketing strategy sounds appealing to you, I recommend this blog post:

It’s an extensively detailed guide to why and how you can set up your own autoresponder series successfully. 

Bonus Tip (one they missed!):   After you set up an autoresponder series, it will quietly work behind the scenes for years.  So be sure to repeatedly subscribe to your own autoresponders so the system will send you copies of the emails that you’re sending your audience.   You’ll want to revisit and update your messages periodically.


Have you tried autoresponder marketing?  What other suggestions can you share?

Or what questions can I help you answer?


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